Unsure If You Are A Candidate For Tooth Implants In Chico, CA? Here Is What Makes You One!

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Tooth implants are a gold standard tooth replacement option for numerous reasons. With quality tooth implants, patients can maintain a normal diet, speak properly without their teeth moving around, and smile with confidence for years to come. While many people may want to restore their smile with tooth implants, they may be unsure if they are a candidate for them. Here is more information on what makes people candidates for tooth implants in Chico, CA.

What Exactly Makes Me A Candidate For Tooth Implants In Chico, CA?

Whether people need to replace a single missing tooth or a full mouth of hopeless teeth, they will likely be a candidate for tooth implant options if they have the following qualities:

Overall Good Systemic Health

The tooth implant placement process involves the dental professional surgically placing the tooth implants in the patient’s jawbone. This means that the patient’s body has to be in good overall health. If people have an underlying condition, like diabetes or are immunocompromised, then they will have to get those conditions treated before becoming a candidate for tooth implants.

Have Healthy Gums And Mouth

When people have a healthy mouth with gums that are free from active infections, then they will be considered a candidate for tooth implants. When people have oral problems, like unmanaged gum disease, it can put them at risk of tooth implant failure. By getting gum disease treated, people can become a candidate for tooth implants.

Have Sufficient Jawbone Density

The jawbone plays a critical role in people’s candidacy for tooth implant placements. Each tooth implant used in a patient’s tooth implant procedure will be precisely placed in their jawbone. People must have enough jawbone tissue to support and stabilize their tooth implant, as well as encourage it to fuse with their surrounding bone structures.


Those who have lost bone density in their jaw may need to undergo bone grafting or sinus lift procedures to build up their jawbone volume before becoming candidates for tooth implants.

You Are Missing Teeth, Or Must Have Teeth Extracted

Tooth implant candidates are those who have one or more missing teeth or extracted teeth. Luckily, a skilled and trusted dental professional can specifically replace that missing tooth or teeth with single dental implant, implant supported denture, and full mouth dental implant tooth implant options.

Have Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Those with healthy lifestyle habits will be considered candidates for tooth implants. When people have bad lifestyle habits, like smoking, then it needs to be stopped before they are considered a candidate for tooth implants.

See Us Now So We Can Determine Your Candidacy For Tooth Implants

Ready to come to our advanced and caring office so we can determine your candidacy for tooth implants? Once you have become a candidate for tooth implants, we can then choose the best tooth implant procedure option for your specific needs. With tooth implants, the look, function, and health of your smile can be restored.


Don’t hesitate to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Kevin Kremer and our exceptional team at our Kremer Dental Care office to schedule an appointment today!

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